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5 Ways To Cut Stomach Bloating

If you follow this blog, you might remember last week I discussed “The Benefits Of Nutritional Cleansing“. Now along with that I’m sharing a few more health secrets and I’ll also be uploading new videos on my YouTube channel, make sure you subscribe to get the latest updates and fitness tips. Do you have consistent […]

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10 Tips For A Perfect Butt

Here are the top 10 tips and tricks that’ll get your backside fine in no time: 1. Eat To Grow Your glutes are just like any other muscle in that they need protein and calories to grow. To support your training, add calories to your diet by way of lean proteins such as chicken breasts, […]

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5 Awesome Tricks to Get Ultimate Summer Energy

Warm weather approaching!! Use Free Time Wisely. Take advantage of what seems like longer days and consider getting up 1/2 hr to hour earlier to: -Meditate -Exercise -Read You will begin to see the different feelings of accomplishment you get from these activities. Shine With The Sun. Sunny days are needed for health, the sun […]

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