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7 Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday

Holiday indulging at the end of the year could pose a threat to your strong nutritional and exercise routine. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the occasional holiday snack or two. It’s all about moderation. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the “well, I’ve already eaten one cookie; I guess I might as well […]

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2017 Isabody Challenge Finalist Success Stories

  We would be happy to have you join us for our next 16 week challenge. I’ll share with you the systems I use to guarantee results. Here are the Stories of Me and my 4 Friends who said “Yes” to a 16 Week Challenge. We did the same thing ….Start Complete Repeat? The IsaBody […]

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5 Ways to Get Fit NOW!!

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.“ It’s time to stop being controlled by circumstances, If you’re standing in your own way, stuck in your comfort zone, the time to move is NOW! Pick up your faith and kick it into gear!! Cleanse away those things that don’t work for you, […]

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How To Maximize Your Protein Without Eating Meat

If you’re a member of my VIP support group on Facebook, then you’d know we’ve been talking about awesome ways to supplement protein in place of meat. Many people are going vegan for health reasons, in support of the environment, etc. However, choosing a specific diet doesn’t mean you have to lose the protein your […]

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