Top Reasons You SHOULD Boost Your Protein Intake

Sugar leaves you stranded, I make sure I have the proper amount of protein before I workout.  – Evander HolyField


Are your muscles feeling limp, flabby, non-existent? Hit a weight loss plateau? Boost YOUR Protein.

Protein Packed!!

Increasing the amount of protein you’re consuming is one of the best methods for moving past plateaus. Consuming a higher-protein meal will give your metabolism a boost. Additionally, an increase in protein will provide the best support for building lean muscle.

Protein Options:

An easy way to bump up your protein intake is to replace one or both of your IsaLean Shakes with an IsaLean® PRO Shake. You can also add a scoop of IsaPro® to your regular shake to raise the amount of protein.

Know your protein! The difference is in the shakes, but which shake is best for you?

1) IsaLean Shake – Use as a meal replacement and is perfect for losing weight while burning fat and building muscle

2) IsaLean Pro Shake – A complete meal replacement with 50% more protein than the IsaLean Shake and is perfect for muscle development and breaking through weightloss plateaus

3) IsaPro – NOT a meal replacement, but is great for after a workout and for building muscle mass. This is also great for pets to help them stay super healthy and get a brilliant healthy coat

There are also dairy-free options in two great flavors: chocolate and berry harvest

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