One Minute Workout Challenge


Most of the time there is an excuse for why we can’t accomplish our goals or be where we want to be in life. The biggest reason is lack of time. Often it’s hard to allocate time exactly how we want it. Especially if we’re used to using it for everything else. Falling into the trap of daily routine can become habitual. This should be a good thing, depending on how we use it.

Time can be managed. It can also be broken down. Don’t say you don’t have time.

Breaking bad habits to start new healthier ones is not easy. It does take work, but it’s always worth it.

If you find yourself in a struggle for time, try the One Minute Workout Challenge. Just take one minute out of each day to give some intentional exercise to your body. Make that minute count! You can choose to do jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, side lifts, bends, or any exercise of your choice in the space of one minute.

It’s even possible to break that minute down. Take one 30 seconds to do pushups, the other 30 to do side lifts, etc. If you wanna get really bold, try 15 seconds, four times a day. There is your minute. Your one minute that you decide to take control of your life, take control of time and take “matters” into your own hands…literally.

Remember a slow start is better than no start.

Once you get started you never know where you’ll go from there.

Quote: “Failure doesn’t consist in stumbling and falling. The failure is staying there on the floor. Success is finding something while you’re down there to pick up with you.” – James Hewett

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