Meal Prep 101 with Joyce Bell

Meal prepping can look like a complicated, huge, confusing mess at first, but once you get a routine down, its becomes any easy task that can save you loads of time during the week. Not to mention it will help you keep on track because all of your meals will already be prepared! Here are some tips and step by step instructions on how to get it done!

First of all, you need to have a good idea of how much, and what you are going to cook. I usually cook for 5-6 days at a time which means, before I start cooking anything, I grab a pen and paper to list out what to pull from the freezer to thaw. Including how many servings of veggies to cook, and how many servings of starchy carbs to prepare. Make a list of each day of the week, and write down what you will be having at each meal, then tally up how many of each you need to cook and pull from the freezer/fridge to prepare!


Once you have an idea of what you need to cook, organize your tupperware on the counter by day so that as things finish cooking, you can portion them out into the containers in an organized manner.

Before you start preparing your protein, get your rice and veggies going in the steamer. I have a handy-dandy combo steamer from costco ($25) that lets me steam rice and veggies at the same time. It saves me so much time. Have you purchased your Inspired Body 7 day Meal Plan?

Now you can take all of your protein out of the fridge to thaw in a large sink of warm water while you preheat the oven. While everything is thawing in the sink, take out all of your pans and line them with tin foil or spray them with olive oil so they are ready to go. When everything has thawed, place the it on the cookies sheets and add your preferred seasonings.

While the fish cooks in the oven, take the time to peel the sweet potatoes to microwave and season the chicken to be BBQ’d.

After the fish is done cooking, bake the squash and asparagus in the oven.

As everything finishes cooking, use a scale to portion things out into the containers for each day. After all the food is in its tupperware, snap the lids on and stack them all in the fridge to grab and eat during the week.

And then the fun part begins, clean up! Meal prep takes me about 3 hrs total to complete. Time well spent if you ask me! Fail to plan, plan to fail! I hope this helps take some guess work out of meal prep, now get preppn’!


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*Disclaimer: the content of this post including text and/or pictures were not initiated by myself or any Inspired Body By Bell subsidiaries however this is a regime I generally practice and follow. 
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