Get Up Close and Personal with Joyce Bell

For the most part I will say that I am Will Powered.  Grateful to have  placed in the TOP 4 in SNBF Pro Figure Competitions, be a  2017 IsaBody Finalist, a nurse of 16 years and more importantly able to share good health tips, fitness, and inspiration via Inspired Body By Bell. This journey has been amazing! I’ve come to learn that Great things can happen as we Push Forward toward progress and Step Up into purpose.

 I believe that Every person deserves to have a body and life they love!!

Looking forward to connecting and helping more so I wanted to share a few facts about my lifestyle and what I do to maintain my greatest self.

As of  today: 

Weight: 138.8

Height: 65 in

Waist: 27

Hips: 39

Chest: 32

Thigh: 23

Calf: 12.5in

Now that I’ve shared about myself, tell me about yourself and how I can help YOU have a body and a life that you love. What goals do you seek to accomplish with your life and fitness? Connect with me on Social Media @InspiredBodyByBell. Stay tuned for the latest updates here on every week!!

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