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30 Day Carnival Challenge!!

  Are you carnival ready? The 30 day Inspired Body Carnival Challenge is Here! Welcome to May!  It’s time to get bikini ready for the summer and Carnival approaching. We can work together towards getting a celebration worthy body in good time! The 30 day challenge for this month starts TODAY! Butt lifted Abs tightened Thighs […]

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5 Awesome Tricks to Get Ultimate Summer Energy

Warm weather approaching!! Use Free Time Wisely. Take advantage of what seems like longer days and consider getting up 1/2 hr to hour earlier to: -Meditate -Exercise -Read You will begin to see the different feelings of accomplishment you get from these activities. Shine With The Sun. Sunny days are needed for health, the sun […]

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Dangerously Toxic Foods You Should Avoid

    Critical and chronic illnesses are dramatically affecting many Americans. Every 34 seconds someone in the United States has a heart attack. This is largely due to bad fitness habits. But this epidemic can be turned around for the better with proper nutrition and care for our bodies. Here is a list of toxic […]

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