You Can Win With Your Fitness

“The WEIGHT of life can be Heavy, Learn how to SMILE through the Pain and Rain” ~ Joyce Bell


“There are many times we feel burdened and overwhelmed. Nothing seems to go right and the struggle becomes REAL. Remember you are always in control of how you think and respond to any situation. Know that you are not the only one, be grateful for the positive in your life and SMILE.”

I sincerely believe it is possible to win in life, finances, and fitness… despite the things that weigh us down. Pressure creates diamonds after all and it is resistance that we can use to become great! You may  be struggling with your weight, health issues, time constraints, focus, or even discipline. It can feel impossible at times to go harder. You may feel like you’re stuck in a situation, be use to a certain way of living, or just settling with failure, but I’m here to tell you you CAN WIN with your FITNESS, HEALTH, and WEALTH!! I have a testimony and I’m a witness.

I hope that you will take advantage of the special resources that Inspired Body By Bell offers: (Free workout groups, meal plans, work-out guides, exclusive support groups, etc.) you can find all these by subscribing to the Free IBBB Newsletter.  I’ve recently started recruiting for the IBBB ALL-Star team, with so many responses I could only choose 10 people as part of this concentrated group, a line-up of special individuals who are READY to WIN!! Looking forward to working with you all!! See the announcement on the most recent LIVE Video.

For more information and inspiration catch the latest LIVE video on Inspired Body By Bell’s Facebook page. Inspired Presentation airs Live Every Wednesday. Feel free to chat with me via for details or any questions.

You deserve to have a body and a life that you love!!

all the best,

Joyce Bell

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