Best Ways To Relieve Toxicity From Your Body

Fun at Live 100%

Our official Live 100% Experience and InspiredBody Challenge Kick-Off on Saturday in Suwanee was a complete success! Special Thank you to Isagenix for sponsoring some Amazing products and giveaways! If you couldn’t make it, no worries! I’ve shared a few clips on my YouTube page.

Besides all the prizes, Live 100% participants get great tips on relieving toxins from the body.

“We’ve either ingested or breathed in toxicity everywhere.” Whether you go outside for a run, grill your favorite meats on a hot summer day, or even spring clean your house, our bodies are exposed to millions of chemicals all the time, considered “toxins”.  Although all cells have the ability to detoxify toxins, along with our vital organs like the liver, the spleen, the kidneys, the pancreas, etc.

Our bodies can sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of toxins, because it’s just too much for it”. Here are some great ways to help your body  get rid of toxins and stress quickly:

Cleanse Regularly

Cleanse for Life®—is an herbal drink formulated to nourish the body and support its natural detoxification systems. The combination of ingredients in Cleanse for Life works synergistically to support the body’s detoxification pathways and help them work more efficiently.

Cut The Visceral Fat

“Toxins enter the liver as either water- or fat-soluble molecules.  Fat-soluble toxins can be stored in fat cells and protected from the body’s detoxification systems.” “Excess fat stores, especially visceral fat, are linked to several diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic dysfunction. Toxin exposure to someone who is overweight or obese only increase the risks for these and other diseases.” So it’s important invest in great products that provide the right energy that your body needs to help in your diet and exercise.

Get The Right Vitamins

Some vitamins purchased at a lot of “health food” stores don’t break down quickly in the body at all. The brand you’re taking may be just like taking nothing at all. How can you make sure you’re getting the right ones? To ensure optimal functioning of our detoxification systems it is essential to have an adequate dietary intake of vitamins (B vitamins, vitamins C, and E), minerals (selenium, zinc, copper), and other bioactive nutrients such as coenzyme Q10 and polyphenols. These nutrients bolster our detoxification defenses. The brand I use is made to deliver these key nutrients.

In the video I also share how I overcame critical health issues and stay fit now by using the right products.

The Live 100 Experience takes place every Saturday at Suwanee Park Tavern in Suwanee, GA. You can also subscribe at Inspired Body By Bell online for the latest health and nutrition updates.

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