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Photo Nov 28, 1 19 47 PMJoyce Bell is a nurse of 20 yrs. with a Specialty in Cardiology. She served 6 yrs. in the United States Navy during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. She has served as a member on the Medical Ministry at her church and volunteers at various local fundraising events promoting Health Awareness.
Joyce is a single mother of a son Steven  and a grandson Prometheus.
Joyce developed a tremendous passion and drive for healthy living when she said YES to giving her body the best nutrition ever. She was out of shape and afraid to exert energy because of her cardiac condition. She would hyperventilate with exercise and did the bare minimum just enough to break a sweat.
She was told by her Cardiologist that at the age of 40 it was imperative to have her chest opened to fix her problem, but she was not willing to do that and God sent her a miracle in a brown box.
Now Joyce can push herself to limits she never knew was possible. She went from a size 12 to 4 and gained lean muscle along the way. She worked out, stayed focused and was determined to go all the way.
Now her mission is to Inspire, Motivate and encourage the next person to develop health goals that are achievable.
Joyce Bell has also been featured in International and National Magazines for her incredible success story and coaching success! You can see more about Joyce in the media by clicking RIGHT HERE.
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