5 Ways To Cut Stomach Bloating

If you follow this blog, you might remember last week I discussed “The Benefits Of Nutritional Cleansing“. Now along with that I’m sharing a few more health secrets and I’ll also be uploading new videos on my YouTube channel, make sure you subscribe to get the latest updates and fitness tips.

Do you have consistent stomach bloating that never seems to go away, no matter how many crunches and exercises you try to get in? Here are a few tips that might help with that:

1. Stay hydrated

A big culprit is not drinking enough water, impacting your overall salt and water balance. It’s an important factor in reducing bloat. Try a tall glass of water when you wake up: You’ve been fasting — and while most people focus on breakfast, it’s a good idea to hydrate first thing in the morning. Drink it cold, hot, room temperature, with lemon — or however you prefer. (Skip the seltzer or other sparkling waters, as the bubbles can promote bloating.)

2. Skip the foods that cause bloat

Foods high in salt (think processed and packaged foods) impact your salt and water balance, which results in bloating. Some nutrient-packed foods — like raw vegetables and some fruits — can be hard to digest. You’ll need to monitor your own intake of foods and figure out which ones can bloat you. Everyone’s digestive tract is different and can respond in different ways.

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You can read more of the 5 tips here. *Note: this information is for use at your own discretion, if you have any questions about personal nutrition and wellness shoot me an e-mail at Joyce@inspiredbodybybell.com


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