5 Extraordinary Keys to Breaking Barriers and Fulfilling Your Dreams…

I am so excited to have been a 2017 Isabody Finalist, and Featured Headliner at Celebration 2017 held in Las Vegas! It was a fabulous occasion celebrating with a team that knows how to get it done. The culture of our “One Team” is amazing, with Everyone coming together from different countries ready to support one mission: “To Impact World Health”.

Celebration is a time of learning about others success stories, transformations, and breakthroughs, laughing with joy, and maybe even crying at times, hearing some of the challenges people go through to achieve their goals. It’s a time of training on how to grow a successful business that becomes a legacy for future generations, a time to gather new tools and resources to connect with others, and get the support that’s needed in learning the culture. It’s a gathering of dreamers and doers who put in the work to make their dreams come true.

From being fired up by performances from Montel Jordan and Flo Rida, to witnessing the Powerful Tony Robbins give tips on how to live in a “Beautiful” state, and finally fulfilling my dream of being a “Showgirl in Las Vegas” it was totally Amazing!!

The keys to having a body and a life you love and celebrating it is something no person should miss out on. Here are some very effective keys I’ve picked up along the journey…

Show Gratitude

Make gratitude a practice. Be grateful for where you are right now. Appreciate where you’re starting and you’ll appreciate so much more what you receive when you take the steps to fulfill your dreams.

Collaborate with Like Minds

Joining together with Craig Tilley to share life changing insight on health and nutrition every Saturday has helped so much in the mission of spreading wellness in the community. Get more details on the Live 100 Experience by visiting the Official Facebook Page. Find out how to participate in the upcoming event on September 9th.

Dare to Dream Big

If your dreams don’t intimidate you a little bit, maybe they’re not big enough. The most noble dreams require us completely leaving our comfort zone to fulfill them. Push past your limits to achieve your goals.

Be Supportive Of Others

It’s a great thing when you have an amazing team!  2017 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Helen Costa-Giles, Runner-up Jimmie D. King are worthy of the congratulations and awards they receive, The winners along with all the other participants are an amazing inspirations. 

Make The Most Of Great Opportunities

Great opportunities always present themselves if we take the time to consider them. From August 10th to the 20th there is an amazing opportunity to be apart of a team that gets the job done. Our team is offering FREE Enrollment for 10 days! Which means perks like $200 credits, Custom T-shirts, Prizes: Honorable Mention $1000, Finalist $3,000, Grand Prize: $25,000, Professional Photo Shoots, All Expense paid trips, gifts, and more. You can Register here on the site during the special and the rest of the year.

Feel free to Contact me via Joyce@inspiredbodybybell.com if you have any questions.

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